Contract To Closing Partners

Contract to Closing Partners

There are few things I enjoy more than saying to a client, “Your home is SOLD!” That means that you have accepted an offer, terms and contingencies have been agreed upon, the closing date has been set, and you’ll soon be preparing for moving day.  That’s when my Contract to Closing Partners go to work FOR YOU!

Just because the contract has been accepted doesn’t mean my work for you stops. On the contrary, there are a myriad of other things I will do to ensure the process goes smoothly.  I like to call it “the back office work.”

For example, if you are selling a home, I will also take care of the administrative details on your behalf.  I will work with the buyer’s agent, buyer’s mortgage lender, contractors and both buyer’s and seller’s settlement company or attorney to ensure that all the necessary paperwork has been completed and submitted within the required time frames.

Don’t worry about finding a good, quality contractor, settlement agent or attorney, moving company, etc. I am well-connected in the local real estate scene and can personally recommend reputable professionals and companies to help you.


Home Inspction Seal

Once you have accepted an offer on house, the contract will (more than likely) be contingent upon a home inspection.  A home inspection helps buyers to find out the condition of the home BEFORE they close on it.  Buyers want to be sure the property is in good condition and free from major repairs prior to taking ownership.  Some sellers elect to have a Pre-Listing Inspection performed and do some necessary repairs PRIOR to putting their house on the market.

In Virginia, buyers have the right to select the home inspector of their choice and they are responsible for paying for the inspection.  If you would like to have a Pre-Inspection completed prior to listing, make sure you select a pro!

Clay Bryant, Licensed Inspector

Beach Home Inspections

(757) 650-7444 Direct Line



John Yaroch, Licensed Inspector

First Landing Home Inspctions

(757) 403-2615 Direct Line


In addition to the home inspection, depending on how the contract is written, you may have to have a termite and moisture inspection performed.  Based on how the contract is written, will determine whether the buyer selects and pays for the inspection or whether the seller selects and pays for the inspection.  YThe buyer’s lender will require (if your buyer is obtaining financing) the property be free from wood destroying insects (termites) and free of any moisture damage.

In Virginia you have the right to select the insurance agent and company of your choice.  Make sure you select a pro!

Weston Exterminating, Inc.

Office:  (757) 313-8369

Visit Weston’s website.



Repairs are almost always necessary when you are selling your home.  Chances are, after the buyer has their home inspection completed, you will be asked to have certain repairs completed before the closing date.  I have worked with all of these contractors on properties for clients and some in my own home.  You have the right to select contractors of your choice  or I can select one from my preferred list.  If you make the choice, make sure it’s a pro!

Alston Enterprise, LLC

Marquis Alston, 757-816-3996


ATS Heating & Cooling

Brian Hines, 757-816-5433


B&B Contracting LLC

William Comer, 757-724-3615


JPC Properties LLC

Jeff Peterson, 757-561-2000


Man Up Solutions, LLC (plumbing contractor)

Demetrius Banks, 757-776-2058


10212731 - real estate home seller settlement statement realtor worksheet for house sale estimated net profit at closing with house keys and calculator

Closing day is the day everyone looks forward to.  There are several important and legal documents that have to be prepared in order to transfer the ownership of property from the seller to the buyer.  The proper research, preparation and filing of these documents is essential to you taking possession of your new home.

Closing on your home is the final step before you get the keys.  It is the date that you will start planning for from the moment you sign the contract. Selecting a quality title company or real estate attorney is key in ensuring that all the lender documents, legal documents and compliance issues are handled properly.

In Virginia, you have the right to select your title company or real estate attorney to perform your closing.  Make sure you select a pro!

Thompson Law Group • (757) 486-3333

Temple Law Group • (757) 497-3419

Jenny L. Colon, PC  (757) 277-9803


If at any time leading up to moving day you have a question, problem or concern, I will be right by your side to help.  My network is vast and my resources are deep.  If you have an issue, I have a solution or I know someone who does!  You can count on me to be your REALTOR® before, during and after you cross the threshold into your beautiful new home.

If you have questions about the home buying process, please feel free to call or email or submit the CONTACT ME and we I will be in touch with you shortly.


Services of these providers is deemed to be credible but individual results cannot be guaranteed.


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