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canstockphoto9530353Sometimes our finances can have us going in several different directions at once. If you are in debt, how do you get out?  We have doctors for our health, mentors for our careers, but who helps us with our finances?  I’m glad you asked.  My team of financial wellness partners can help you no matter what state you find yourself in.

If you have credit and debt challenges they can help you get on the road to financial wellness.  If you have your credit and debt in order but are looking to save, invest and plan for the future, one of these professionals can help you with that also.  No matter where you are, a financial coach, mentor or planner is someone you should have on your team.  My dad used to say “you can only spend money once” and boy was he right! How are you spending yours?

canstockphoto5393990Financial Wellness is more than just making a lot of money.  It’s about what you do with your money, how you spend and save it, how much debt you have and your credit score.  Americans these days are in a lot of debt!  Worrying about debt such as high credit card balances, student loans, payday loans, and car payments can cause you to worry and can lead to (physical) health issues.  Most times the stress of it all is completely overwhelming.

When buying a home, a good fincial report is required.  Good credit scores (at least a 620), savings in the bank, no overdrafts on bank statements and continuous employment are key factors in obtaining a mortgage loan.  Your credit report give lenders a good idea of your future financial behavior based on what you have done in the past.  If you are experiencing difficulty in any of these areas, give one of my Financial Fitness Parters a call.  My Financial Fitness Partners will help you sort out your current financial situation, make a plan that you can work, in order to help you reduce or eliminate your debt, increase your savings, increase your credit score and invest in your future.  If you are not where you want to be financially and you are looking for someone to help you achieve YOUR financial goals, feel free to contact my financial wellness partners.

Hunt Financial Fitness, LLC

Christy A. Hunt, Financial Coach

Founder & CEO

(VHDA Homeownership Training Partner)

(757) 581-5772 Direct Line

**VHDA Homeownership Education Partner


Live My Life Debt Free

Christine Roebuck, Financial Coach

Founder, CEO, Author & Blogger

(757) 842-4826 Direct Line



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